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If you have visited this before you will notice it has taken on a new look and focus.


My name is Paula Pettit, wife of Terrance Pettit and mother of many. We live in the Northern Kentucky area and love the sites and sounds of God's country.

We are born again Christians and have been serving the Lord for many years. From time to time He (our Lord and Saviour, Jesus) will give us task to perform and sometimes with these tasks we need help.

Our current project is Blankets for the Homeless.

In 2003, the 37 agencies that report to Kentucky's Homeless Management Information System (KYMIS) listed 568 people as homeless in Boone, Kenton and Campbell counties. Of those, 95 said they were homeless for the first time, said Mike Mullins, project manager and software trainer for KYMIS.

Northern Kentucky homeless advocates say shelter is especially needed for men.

If the numbers are this high in Northern Kentucky can you imagine what they are in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Fairhaven Rescue Mission in Covington has 25 beds, but 11 of those are for men who are enrolled in the agency's substance abuse program. During the winter, a 33-bed cold shelter on Covington's Eastside was filled to capacity most nights temperatures dropped below freezing. However, homeless advocates said that shelter offers little more than a floor to sleep on, and isn't a viable option for people who need a place to stay while looking for work.

Can you imagine all of your material possessions in a plastic garbage bag and carrying it with you wherever you go? People who experience homelessness have usually been evicted from their apartment or house and live doubled up with others before ever entering a shelter. As devastating as this may be, the most significant losses are those less tangible. The inability to provide for the basic needs of my family on what I can earn. The loss of independence and the need to ask for help. Not feeling worthy of being loved or accepted. Being so focused on day-to-day survival that "thriving" is no longer a possibility. Not being able to see a way out of poverty and knowing it is the legacy I leave to my children. Loss of hope.

And yet, the homeless come bearing precious gifts. In their collective wisdom they teach us: about the expectations that we have of which we are unaware; a different world view; about surviving and what it takes to thrive; the importance of hope and relationships in our lives; and what it means to be generous and courageous.

As Christians reaching out to the homeless we have been "taught" how best to offer solace to those we serve by: accepting people as they are; active listening - learning from people's stories; appreciating differences; witnessing and celebrating people's gifts and their achievements; being genuine and persistent; supporting and encouraging; treating people with dignity and respect; and going the distance with them. It is hope, which gives all of us the strength to live and continually try new things.

And it's hope we inspire to give through these blankets of warmth.

Many people want to be involved with helping others when it is convenient for them or suits their needs at the time. Helping out your neighbor next door is easy and can be pleasing to both parties involved.

But what happens when that neighbor is living on the street or under the bridge, and has no access to running water or what we call basic needs such as soap, deodorant, and toothepaste? Most people walk, drive, or run clean away acting as though they do not exist.

The bible tells us to love our neighbor/brother as we love God, for if we do not love our neighbor we can not love God.

These blankets are not a solution to a wide spread problem, they are just a symbol of hope in a world of despair.

These blankets need to be durable and extremetly warm. Although not too heavy or large as it could be a henderance for someone to carry around from place to place. We have been making several blankets out of jeans in a quilt like fashion. And are needing a heavy soft material for the backings of these blankets. We are also needing more workers that can sew to help make these blankets.

We will be sewing a panel on the inside of each blanket that will contain a short scripture. As each blanket is being made it is being prayed over to comfort and console the person that it will cover. As these individuals need our help for a place to live, work, and play they also need Jesus in their lives. Without Jesus we can do nothing, with him we can do all things.

If it has been placed upon your heart to help with this mission no matter where you live, no matter how many blankets you can make or not make, we welcome the help. Please contact at .

If you can donate materials for quilting, ie:  heavy backing, extra material to make large squares, heavy duty thread for a standard sewing machine or would like to support this mission financially you can do so either on line through and the following e-mail address or by mailing your contributions (financial or materials) to:

3474 Moffett Rd

Morning View, Kentucky 41063



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